F. D. Daley & Associates

Manufacturing Operations: ISO 9001:2000 Auditing

Operations Management, Production and Inventory Control, Qualified APICS Instructor


F. Darnall Daley, Jr., CFPIM, CSCP


office: (610) 373-3478

cell: (610) 207-1980



List of Services


Management Consulting


l   Operations/Manufacturing management


l   Production/Inventory control


l   ISO 9001:2000 internal auditing


l   ERP/MRP system implementation


l   Project Management


l   Kanban/ Production planning


l   Cellular manufacturing


l   Lean operations


l   Sales and Operations Planning

Training and Education Courses


l   Production/inventory control using the APICS body of knowledge


l   APICS certification review courses


l   Microsoft Excel and Access


l   Custom courses designed to fit your exact needs








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